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A healthy and encouraging environment to little children in their early formative years helps bring out their best. However, very often, talented children from economically backward families are not given that opportunity. The Balwadi Program was launched in the year 1972 to achieve the aim of bringing out the best in children.

The Karnataka State Advisory Board was giving a grant to run Anganwadi and Balwadis and Mathruchhaya was initially monitoring the use of the money. When the grants were discontinued, Mathruchhaya decided to sponsor the children themselves, so that the program was sustained and continued. The program is for children upto 5 years of age.

The Program

Morning breakfast, bath, mid-day meal, and medicines are provided.

Basic pre-school education is imparted to the Balwadi children
The children are regularly taken on outings and picnics to give them more exposure to a more enriched childhood.
Other activities like cultural programs, paintings, craft, etc.