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This was started in the year 1993, for the benefit of the Visually impaired children students with the following Objectives :

Braille Transcription Centre started in 1993, has successfully completed 12 years of functioning. This Centre is engaged in transcription work of English and Kannada books into Braille for the benefits of visually impaired students in particular and others in general. The transcription is taken up mainly of text books, story books and other books of general interest for the benefits of visually impaired persons. All transcribed books are donated to various institutions / school run for the visually impaired.

The centre has the services of about 75 volunteers who provide the reader services. The centre also has 3 visually impaired 3 Girls and 1 boy looks after the computer brailing work.


Braille Centre has mainly 3 section of functioning:

The manual transcription - done by visually impaired who are paid remuneration. Presently there are four such transcribers.
The computer section - three visually impaired persons enter the text using the keyboard with help of the sighted volunteers.
The Braille training section - young and aspiring visually impaired people. Are trained in Braille with a stipend. The section has also trained people who have lost their vision at a later stage in life.


Transcribing textbooks / general books in English and Kannada in to Braille.
Involving needy visually impaired persons for transcription, given them an opportunity to earn a livelihood or supplement their income, since they are paid remuneration
Providing reader service through volunteers to help the visually impaired students in their education.
Donating Braille books to the institutions working for the blind.
Creating awareness among normal children about the requirement of the visually impaired.
Teaching Braille to interested sighted persons also.
Counseling and placement guidance is provided to the visually impaired who approach us for guidance.
Teaching Braille to interested sighted persons and also to the visually impair