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The counseling centre was started in the year 1999. Social service and counseling always go hand-in-hand. Mathruchhaya has serving and counseling the Needy and deprived over several years.

Our intervention is to help the individuals to face challenges and solve their problems by developing a positive and practical outlook. The centre offers free counselling.

Services :
Counseling services are provided to children and adults during the pre-adoption and post-adoption phases
Behavioral problems in children and adolescents are addressed. Their energies are chanellised towards their education and careers through careful guidance.
The emotional problems of the visually impaired are also tackled
Geriatric and senior citizen counseling is also dealt with
Marital counseling and advice is also given
Depending on the nature and extent of the problem, either professional counselors or the Mathruchhaya team of counselors handle the case.
Day-to-day counseling is given to Home Health Care Helper trainees.
Many institutions seek our guidance in day-to-day functioning and in sorting out problems.