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For the neglected and destitute children who are not legally free for adoption and still have some link with one or both parents, foster homes are suggested. Foster care is the best alternative to institutional care.

Who can foster a child?

Anybody, single/married/divorced/widowed who is concerned about the development and upbringing of an unlucky child and making the child a useful adult can take the child in foster care.

No legal procedure is involved
It is an agreement between the institution and the foster parents under the supervision of Women and Child Welfare Department.
The child will not be disturbed up to the age of 21 years till he/she attains majority
The foster child will not have the full status of an adopted child including the right of inheritance.

Deenabandhu Foster Home?

Mathruchhaya and CBRWS are also actively supporting foster homes like the Deenabandhu Foster Home in Chamarajanagar in Bangalore, Karnataka. This Children’s Home was founded by the Deenabandhu Trust in 1992 at Chamarajanagar in Karnataka and has been showing marked progress ever since. The emphasis is on giving a loving home and an education to orphan, destitute and estranged children so that they grow up to be responsible citizens.


Giving children a stress-free wholesome environment to achieve physical, mental, intellectual, moral and spiritual development of their personality.

Imparting good education to the children up to high school level and then, depending on their academic aptitude, continue their education at college, or give them some vocational training in a field of their choice.
Make the youth of the home self-reliant and also continue their association so that they may help their brethren in due course.

Association with Mathruchhaya and Canara Bank Relief and Welfare Society

The Canara Bank Relief and Welfare Society through its arms, "Mathruchhaya Founding Home" gave the initial thrust to the Deenabandhu activities in 1992 by placing with them the first batch of six boys under our pilot project of Foster Care. Later the Society extended financial assistance to partly/monthly expenses and mobilised substantial overseas donation for the Trust. More children were placed with them later, and the mutually beneficial alliance between the two institutions continues

Mathruchyya Foster Care
An evening of fun and frolic at the Deenabandhu Foster Home

Recreation and Hobies......
......... for all round development