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The Canara Bank Relief and Welfare Society is working in the field of providing the services to senior citizens. The Society started the Home for Elders way back in 1980, where the elderly are cared for in a self-financing scheme, working on a 'no-profit' basis. Since advancement in age brings many related health problems, the Society felt the need for the hospital to extend its services and start a Geriatric Care Centre. This is an extended unit of the hospital providing contant care and medical attention for old, ailing people. This was started in the year 1996 and the wards are allotted for a one-time deposit. The nursing and other medical expenses are to be borne monthly by the inmates. Efforts are being taken to nurse the inmates with utmost care and love.
Separate Nurses and Ayahs are provided to this centre, which is presently located in a small portion of hospital building on its 2nd floor.
While the Nursing and Paramedical Services are provided by the Hospital. Mathruchhaya takes care of providing quality food and counseling services. Birthdays off all residents are celebrated.

In a number of homes, people who cannot take care of the aged and sick ones also do not like to leave them in any outside centres like hospital or Old Age Homes. To help people in such situations, the Society in association with Canara Bank Platinum Jubilee Rural Development Trust started this programme in the year 2000. Under this programme women in the age group of 18 – 35 years are provided three months training. The first 10 days of free residential training will be at the Rural Women Self Employment Training Institute at Harohally, run by the above Trust. The remaining 80 days training will be at Sevakshetra Hospital and Mathruchhaya. The training is given in the care of the aged and sick apart from many other areas like personality development, spoken English, general hygiene, nutrition, handling emergencies etc. During the 80 days training at Society’s campus Launch Tea and Snacks are provided to the trainees. The entire training is provided free of charges to the trainees. Apart from making such a  facility available to provides employment opportunities.

Almost 100% placement in homes after training is being done within a week after completion of training.