About CBR&WS

Canara Bank Relief & Welfare Society

Why this name? 
It was in the early sixties that Canara Bank with is zeal to serve the community, besides banking, took up relief and welfare measures for the victims of natural calamities like floods, famine etc. But the public response and the needs of the have-nots ultimately made it a unique project and thus the Relief and Welfare Society came into existence in the year 1961. As the Society came into being with an initial donation from Canara Bank, it was named.

Noble and Inspiring Objectives.


  • To raise funds and organise relief work or make donations and gifts in cash or kind, in case of floods, earthquakes, fire, famine, epidemics and other calamities in any part of India.
  • To provide aid to the poor, the sick and the disabled and organise medical relief through hospitals, maternity and child welfare centres and provide the home for the poor, the aged, the sick, the convalescent and the disabled and also helping institutions engaged in such work, to construct hostels, dormitories and to provide similar facilities.
  • To contribute in cash or in kind to any educational or other social welfare institutions and organisations working for the welfare of children, students, the sick, the poor, the old and handicapped persons.
  • To undertake Scientific Research Programmes for the benefit of the general public and for that purpose to establish institutions for conducting research work, to employ scientists and other staff for running and maintenance of such institutions.
  • To undertake Rural Development Programmes including programmes for social and economic welfare of the people in rural areas.
  • To train people in social work, nursing, child care and rural development programmes and organise voluntary social service by people.
  • To accept, bring up and rehabilitate unwanted, abandoned, destitute, neglected and/or court committed children and to give such children in guardianship or in adoption to couples, individuals or institutions in India or abroad.
  • To carry out objectives of general public utility without carrying on any activity for profit. The benfits of the society shall be open to all irrespective of caste, creed and religion.


The CBR&WS (Canara Bank Relief & Welfare Society) is managed and governed by a set of well laid out guidelines and frame work evolved over the years for efficient functioning and a progressive vision ahead.

Governing Council :

There is a Governing Council at the helm comprising experienced eminent people for evolving policy guidelines and steering the activivties of the institution.

In addition, different Committees with experienced members, take care of various segments and on-going projects. Regular staff as well as voluntary workers contribute with commitment at different levels for the functioning of the organization. 

Activities  :

CBR&WS has two wings - Mathruchhaya and Sevakshetra Hospital

Mathruchhaya - Child Development & Rehabilitation Programs / Activities


  • Foundling Home - Care, Compassion and Rehabilitation for young, displaced children-abandoned, destitutes & orphans
  • Adoption programme -  Giving Children in adoption to willing and able families (India and Abroad).  This offers permanent family care, love and affection.
  • Day Care Centre - Taking care of employees children during day time - a goodwill gesture (conducting pre-school classes, Teaching arts and crafts).
  • Educational Sponsorship - Enabling education with financial support for economically needy, meritorious children (basic schooling as well as higher studies).
  • Community Programmes -   Product Exhibitions of Women Enterpreneurs /  Blood donation camps, Eye check-up camps.
  • Home for Elders -  Fulfilling the need for a safe and satisfying accommodation with good community life - for senior citizens in the evening of their lives.
  • Geriatric Care Centre - Short-term  and long-term care facilities for the very aged and sick-assisted with medical care.
  • Home Health Care - Trained women (caretakers) for looking after the aged and sick in their homes.
  • Braille Resource Centre -  Extending support fo the visually impaired - in different ways such as,
  • Transcribing textbooks including Maths and Science / General books in English,Kannada and Hindi into Braille.
  •  Involving needy visually impaired persons for transcription, giving them an opportunity to earn a livelihood or supplement their income,
  • Providing reader service through volunteers to help the visually impaired students in their education.
  •  Donating Braille books to the Institutions working for the blind.
  •  Creating awareness among normal children about the requirement of the visually impaired.
  • Teaching Braille to interested sighted persons and also to the visually impaired.
  • Training for teachers in Braille.
  • Preparing the Visually Impaired for Competitive Exams.

Sevakshetra Hospital- Service to the sick and needy with affordable and quality heath care.


It is an autonomous body sustaining on public
donations for all the developmental activities.