Home For Elders

Home For Elders

CBR&WS initiated the "Home for Elders" project in 1980- one of the first of its kind in the State. To begin with, 8 small apartments were constructed and given to elderly people for their life time.

At present, there are about 35 inmates in the 'Home for Elders' complex.These units have different types of facilities- the living room- kitchen- toilet, etc. The unique nature of these Homes is that, there is complete privacy. There are specific rules and criteria for selection of aged people for alloting the accomodation.

Regular activities and cultural programmes- music/ bhajans, plays, talks, even games and trips- are organized by Mathruchhaya in order to provide a perfect community life. An annual get-together is also organized for the residents and very senior citizens are honoured on such occasions.

Open space, company of the children, proximity to the hospital and bank, provision of a mess are the facilities available.Educative and Entertainment programmes are regularly organized for the residents. 

Elders can spend their spare time by reading books in Library and Recreational activities(Indoor games).