Educational Sponsorship Scheme

Educational Sponsorship Scheme

A survey was conducted by Mathruchhaya in 1985, in nearby slums and children were identified from families which needed support for education. In the same year, the sponsorship programme was launched with the help of some philanthropic people, mainly to assist economically needy students to acquire basic schooling and in some cases, pursue higher studies from the nearby localities. At present, about 250 students are being sponsored every year under this scheme.

These children are also eligible for free medical treatment in the Sevakshetra Hospital  [upto a fixed limit]. Summer camps and picnics are conducted for these children. The assisted students are required to visit Mathruchhaya twice a month and take part in some activities.


For this, a deserving child with satisfactory academic achievement is selected from nearby localities.


There are two types of sponsorship-

1. Annual assistance- The students are paid Rs. 3500/-  to Rs. 10000/- every year. 

2. Monthly assistance- The students are paid Rs. 500/- per month.


The objectives of the programme is to assist children for their education.

This money will be deposited in their Joint Savings Bank account opened in the name of  student and mother.