Every child needs parental love and care be it natural or adopted, to fulfil its emotional needs and ensure all round development. This idea promted the institution to takeup its Adoption Programme. As the programme evolved,Mathruchhaya decided to strive for finding the security of a good home for many abandoned and neglected children. It started the "Adoption Programme" in 1979, wherein attempts were made to give its children in Adoption to willing and able families in India and Abroad, which brought immense hope and succour to many abandoned and neglected children.

Mathruchhaya Adoption programme has been working very well and it is one of the premier approved Adoption agencies in the state. Since 1986, the society is licensed to place children both In-country and Inter- country adoptions.

Adoption offers the child a permanent substitute, family care and establishes a legal parent-child relationship.

From 1979 till 2018, 341- In Country and 141- Inter-Country  have been placed.

If you are interested in Adopting a Child, Please do visit the following Website: